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BioSim, Spanish Association of Biosimilar Medicines, is a non-profit organization whose aim is to welcome and represent all pharmaceutical companies established in Spain that research, develop, produce and/or market biosimilar medicines.
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A biosimilar (or similar biological medicine) is a biological medicine equivalent in quality, efficacy and safety to an original biological medicine, called a reference product. The dosage and route of administration must be the same, and the biosimilar is authorized for all or some of the indications approved for the reference biologic.
Patient access
The main, but not the only, added value attributable to the entry of biosimilars is the possibility that a greater number of patients have access to biological treatments. In other words, due to the cost reduction compared to the original product, the main beneficiary of the incorporation of biosimilar medicines into healthcare systems are the patients.
NHS sustainability
Biological medicines have represented a notable advance in the treatment of diseases that are generally serious and chronic (but not only). In many cases, these are already therapeutically essential medicines, but whose average cost is much higher than that of chemically synthesized medicines.
Access to innovative products
The incorporation of biosimilar medicines will contribute to substantially increase patient access to innovative treatments. This greater access is produced by two mechanisms.

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