This section shows the semi-annual update of the Horizon Scanning report developed by BioSim.

A horizon scanning is a study method that allows evaluating the potential arrival of new medications on the market, serving as support in the planning and decision processes of the different parties involved in pharmaceutical provision.

In the particular case of biosimilar medicines, the periodic development of a horizon scanning allows for improved management in the purchasing processes and serves as support in the review of therapeutic positioning and protocols, and can facilitate the entry of a biosimilar medicine into the market.

The first part of the infographic shows the development and approval status* of a list of active ingredients whose market exclusivity period is estimated to end before 2030. In addition, other active ingredients with only one biosimilar on the market are included, since that the arrival of a second biosimilar continues to have a significant impact on competition and access.

The second part summarizes the clinical trials that have been carried out or are being carried out in Spain for the different biosimilars included in the report.

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